About Us

At Waterdon, we know what works for our clients. Serving primarily the government, commercial and industrial markets, we provide a wide range of specialized civil and architectural services using our in-house trades. Waterdon’s growing team of experts has been building on this successful approach for more than 30 years.

Waterdon’s work is as varied as our customers’ needs, ranging from new construction, renovation and restoration to trade specialties such as doors and hardware, concrete, cutting and coring, interior finishes and more. Mechanical contractors routinely call on us to enlarge openings, provide access and reinstate structures and finishes. We work in high security environments, labs, mechanical rooms, refineries, plants, libraries, schools and hospitals. Our office and field staff are security cleared to work in the sensitive areas of most institutions and government offices in the region.

Waterdon keeps costs down while enjoying a high level of efficiency and control over projects. The reason? Nearly all of our civil work is carried out by our own employees. This approach also helps us understand a project’s requirements from the very beginning and makes it easy to budget and estimate changes during construction.

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Mission Statement

To provide an extraordinary service experience by utilizing in house talent to complete unique projects in various sectors of construction.

Vision Statement

Providing our expertise to guarantee our customers experience is memorable and successful.


We value our relationships with a number of highly qualified local sub-contractors who share our goal of minimizing inefficient downtime. When choosing a sub-trade, we consider the following:

Reputation: Does the sub-trade provide quality work?
Efficiency: Can the sub-trade meet dead-lines while maintaining this quality of work.
Price: Does the company charge a reasonable amount for the scope of work?
Health and Safety: Do they have a Health and Safety program in place that is followed.

Waterdon has been a member of the Ottawa Construction Association since 1996, and a member of the General Contractors Association since 1998. We maintain a proud tradition of fairness, high standards and ethical practices.